<h1>Try a combination of great taste,<br />
a unique view and stylish interior.</h1>

Try a combination of great taste,
a unique view and stylish interior.

<h1>7th floor of Dancing house<br />
there you find us!</h1>

7th floor of Dancing house
there you find us!

<h1>Delicious gastronomy & much more.</h1>

Delicious gastronomy & much more.

<h1>Charming restaurant in Dancing house.<br />
Experience it!</h1>

Charming restaurant in Dancing house.
Experience it!


Where do you find us? On the 7th floor of famous building called Dancing house in the center of Prague!

Our restaurant promises charming view to Hradčany that is the most beautiful part of Prague to look at.

Delicious menu just accompaign the fine experience of your visit. Welcome! 

Day offer




Fresh local ingredients, their unique combination and originality.


Served every day from 7am till 11am.

The price is 155,- CZK and you can choose from this offer:

Egg omelettte with dried tomatoes, Brie cheese, small green salad, bread, croissant, butter and fruits

Ham & Eggs or bacon & eggs, small green salad, bread, croissant, butter and fruits

Onion scrambled eggs, small green salad, bread, croissant, butter and fruits

Ham, salami, sliced cheese, butter, bread, croissant and fruits

Müsli, white yoghurt, fruits, croissant, cake and butter

You can add some extra ingredients to your breakfast:
small green salad - 30 CZK
Ham - 30 CZK
Cheese - 30 CZK
Tomatoes - 30 CZK
Bacon - 39 CZK
Smoked salmon - 45 CZK


Soup of the day65 CZK
Beef broth with root vegetable and beef raviolo75 CZK
Oxtail and beef tongue terrine with carrot, parsley, celeriac remoulade and celeriac chips185 CZK
Smoked duck breast with buckwheat blinis, baked beetroot, rhubarb, strawberries and duck jus225 CZK
Goose liver paté with honey and vinegar marinated forest berries and green leaves 225 CZK
Roastbeef with pickled mushrooms, parsley mayonnaise and horseradish espuma245 CZK
Veal tenderloin tartare with shallot, capers, yolk, worchester, small green salad and toasts295 CZK


Cognac butter roasted chicken breast with spring vegetables, honey-lemon dressing and pecorino cheese185 CZK
Goat cheese baked in filo pastry with rocket and lamb lettuce salad, rosehip jam, nut oil and roasted almonds225 CZK
Baby spinach with smoked trout, boiled egg, pickled red onion, radishes, baked beetroot and creamy dill dressing245 CZK


Traditional czech deep fry carp with parsley butter potatoes and cabbage salad255 CZK
Pan seared pike perch with creamy leek and asparagus, butter potatoes and dill beurre blanc355 CZK
Traditional czech beef tenderloin with creamy vegetable sauce, cranberries and carlsbad dumplings245 CZK
Pork tenderloin schnitzel with potato purée and marinated cucumber245 CZK
Pressed pork belly with smoked paprika carrot purée, swiss chard, raspberries and vinegar meat jus275 CZK
Chicken supreme with herb butter, garlic and thyme baked potatoes, glazed spring vegetables and butter sauce335 CZK
Beef neck Ginger & Fred red burger with Brie cheese, red onion marmalade, bacon, tomatoes and french fries with homemade tartar sauce and ketchup345 CZK
Duck leg confit with red cabbage purée, apples, potato gnocchi and meat jus355 CZK
Pink pepper beef tenderloin with potato gratin, roasted vegetables and red wine jus495 CZK

Childern menu

Fried chicken schnitzel with potato mash or french fries135 CZK


Selection of homemade ice-creams and sorbets115 CZK
Traditional czech ducat cakes with vanilla cream, caramelized cinnamon pears and rum125 CZK
Apple strudel with almonds, raisins and cinnamon ice cream125 CZK
Cheesecake with chocolate, strawberries and strawberries sorbet135 CZK
Poppy seeds panna cotta with raspberries, creamy basil sauce and raspberries ice cream135 CZK
Chocolate brownies with forest berries sauce, caramelized nuts and yoghurt ice cream145 CZK
Selection of French cheeses 3 pcs195 CZK

Special degustation menu

Served from 5pm.

Recommended aperitif 

Robert Klingenfus, Crémant d´Alsace Rosé AOC
185 CZK / glass 0,125 l
990 CZK / bottle 0,75 l



Salmon tartare with chilli, red pepper, avocado purée and citrus mayonnaise
* 0,15 l Riesling Dry, Dr. Loosen Weingut, Mosel, Germany 165 CZK


Roasted duck Foie gras with roasted quince, figs, duck croquette and coffee meat jus
* 0,15 l Zweigelt/Pinot, Winery Krásná Hora, Slovácko, Czech republic 145 CZK


Filet of sea bass with shrimps, spinach, roasted potatoes and olive oil, homedried tomatoes, olives and lemon sauce
* 0,15 l Chardonnay, Domaine de Pouilly, A. Besson, Bourgogne, France 175 CZK


U.S.D.A. prime rump steak, potato rösti, wild broccoli, green pepper and brandy sauce
* 0,15 l Côtes du Rhône “Les Portes de Castelas” Grandes Serres, Rhône, France 165 CZK


Chocolate cake for 2 persons with spicy red wine jelly and tonka bean ice cream
* 0,1 l Château De Rouquette, Loupiac, Bordeaux, France 165 CZK


MENU PRICE: 1.395 CZK / person

* recommended wines

Drinks menu

Sparkling wine

Prosecco DOC, extra dry, Torresella (0,125 l)125 CZK
Robert Klingenfus, Crémant d´Alsace Rosé AOC (0,125 l)155 CZK
R&L Legras, Grand Cru, Blanc de Blanc, France (0,125 l)255 CZK
Kir Royal-Cassis de Bourdier, Champagne, France279 CZK

White wine

Sauvignon Blanc, Vinařství Krásná Hora, Slovácko, Czech Republic (0,15 l)120 CZK
Müller Thurgau, vinařství U Kostela, Polešovice, Czech Republic (0,15 l)120 CZK
Riesling Dry, Dr. Loosen weingut, Mosel, Germany (0,15 l)140 CZK
Chardonnay, Domaine de Pouilly, A. Besson, Bourgogne, France (0,15 l)150 CZK

Rosé wine

Corolle Rosé, Plaimont Producteurs, Gasogne, France (0,15 l)145 CZK

Red wine

Zweigelt/Noir, vinařství Krásná Hora, Slovácko, Czech Republic (0,15 l)135 CZK
Primitivo Lianto del salento, Tempo al vino, Puglia, Italy (0,15 l)140 CZK
Château Rival-Bellevue, Bordeaux Supérieur, France (0,15 l)145 CZK
Côtes du Rhône “Les Portes de Castelas” Grandes Serres, Rhône, France (0,15 l)155 CZK
Montevannos Crianza, Bodegas Montevannos, Ribera del Duero, Spain (0,15l)185 CZK

Sweet wine

Soleil Gascon, Plaimont Producteurs, Gascogne, France (0,1 l)145 CZK
Château Lupiac Gaudiet, Bordeaux, France (0,1 l)165 CZK
Complete wine list

Soft drinks

Ginger&Fred still water 0,75l65 CZK
Ginger&Fred sparkling water 0,75l65 CZK
Coca cola, Coca cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite 0,2l55 CZK
Tonic Kinley, Tonic Kinley Ginger 0,25l55 CZK
Cappy juice (orange, apple, strawberry, multivitamin, tomato) 0,2l55 CZK
Ice Tee ,,True Tea”45 CZK
Fresh orange / grapefruit juice95 CZK
Vittel 0,5l95 CZK
Perrier 0,7l145 CZK

Homemade lemonade

Lemon 0,50 l85 CZK
Raspberry 0,50 l85 CZK
Ginger 0,50 l85 CZK
Cucumber 0,50 l85 CZK


Ricard 2 cl55 CZK
Becherovka 4 cl65 CZK
Aperol 8 cl95 CZK
Jägermeister 4cl95 CZK
Martini (Dry, Bianco, Roso) 8 cl95 CZK
Campari 8 cl105 CZK
Dubonnet 10 cl115 CZK
Lillet 10 cl125 CZK
Crodino65 CZK


Russian Standart 85 CZK
Grey Goose130 CZK
Babička 135 CZK


Hendricks115 CZK
Opihr Oriental Spiced145 CZK
Gin Mare185 CZK


Cabrito Blanco98 CZK
Cabrito Reposado105 CZK


Pilsner Urquell 0,3l55 CZK
Bernard dark 0,5l65 CZK
Apple Cider Kingswood 0,4l68 CZK
Birell nonalcoholic 0,33l55 CZK

Coffe & Tea

Ristretto69 CZK
Espresso69 CZK
Lungo69 CZK
Decafeinatto69 CZK
Capuccino79 CZK
Café au lait79 CZK
Double Espresso89 CZK
Ronnefeldt tea69 CZK
Fresh mint tea89 CZK
Fresh ginger tea89 CZK


You can also book a table with a phone number: +420 221 984 160