<h1>Taste the great menu<br />
with Prague on a plate.</h1>

Taste the great menu
with Prague on a plate.

<h1>Try a combination of great taste,<br />
a unique view and stylish interior.</h1>

Try a combination of great taste,
a unique view and stylish interior.

<h1>7th floor of Dancing house<br />
there you find us!</h1>

7th floor of Dancing house
there you find us!

<h1>Delicious gastronomy & much more.</h1>

Delicious gastronomy & much more.

<h1>Charming restaurant in Dancing house.<br />
Experience it!</h1>

Charming restaurant in Dancing house.
Experience it!


Where do you find us? On the 7th floor of famous building called Dancing house in the center of Prague!

Our restaurant promises charming view to Hradčany that is the most beautiful part of Prague to look at.

Delicious menu just accompaign the fine experience of your visit. Welcome! 


7:00 - 10:00


Egg omelettte with dried tomatoes, Brie cheese



“Ham & Eggs“ or “bacon & eggs“


Onion scrambled eggs



Müsli, white yoghurt, fruits, croissant,
cake and butter


Price of this set is 255 CZK


You can add some extra ingredients to your breakfast:

Bacon 45,-

Frankfurter 45,-

White sausages 45,-

Beans in tomato sauce 45,-

Smoked salmon 55,- 

Small vegetable salad 45,-

We will be also happy to offer you our rich buffet breakfast for 390 CZK

Lunch offer

served from 11:30 am till 3 pm




Thai soup with coconut milk, chicken and coriander
120 Kč


Peruvian calamari salad with cherry tomatoes, little gem leaves and boiled quail egg
195 Kč



Fried chicken roll in panko breadcrumbs with paprika sauce, rice noodles with fresh parsley and roasted shitake mushrooms in butter
255 Kč

Grilled salmon with celery cream and marinated green pepper, slow-roasted leek with thyme and hollandaise sauce
285 Kč

Roasted beef tenderloin marinated in red curry with broccoli puree and fried vegetable roll from spring dough with chili mayonnaise
315 Kč


Chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce, chocolate crumb and mango sorbet
115 Kč


Fresh local ingredients, their unique combination and originality.


Smoked beef tongue with marinated beets, horseradish espuma, confit shallots and potato powder365 CZK
Beef carpaccio with basil pesto, truffle mayonnaise, parmesan brioche, grated dried egg yolk and balsamic pearls385 CZK
Salmon sashimi with salmon tartare, kikoman sauce caviar, wasabi dip, rice chips and fennel straw375 CZK
Gratinated goat cheese with fig jam, grissini with Maldon salt, marinated vegetable slices and pistachio crumb375 CZK
Roast slice of foie gras on truffle blin with grilled rabbit kidneys, pear puree with Dijon mustard and cabbage375 CZK


Beef broth with vegetable julienne and beef tail garnish155 Kč
Shrimp bisque with pepper mousse and shrimp and lobster ragout185 Kč


Caesar salad with anchovy dressing, roasted bacon, parmesan chips and bread croutons 335 CZK
with chicken breast335 CZK
with grilled shrimps335 CZK


Linguini aglio olio with roasted shrimps, pecorino cheese, parsley pesto and fresh baby spinach leaves345 CZK
Roasted sea bass fillet, caramelized cauliflower puree, roasted Jerusalem artichokes and purple carrots635 CZK
Tuna steak with salmon brandade, shrimp chips, dried cherry tomatoes and rouille sauce655 CZK
Grilled calamari tentacle with beetroot risotto, saffron espuma and celery noodles585 CZK
Fallow deer back with chestnut cream, souffle with shredded venison leg, plums and plum sauce545 CZK
Slow-roasted breast from guinea fowl with celery julienne, cauliflower souffle, baby corn and shallot sauce545 CZK
Beef sirloin steak with fried potato croquette, smoked greaves, broccoli puree and black root655 CZK

Czech cuisine

Confit duck leg with red cabbage puree, duplings and cumin sauce 375 Kč

Vegetarian main dishes

Roasted cauliflower with vegetable puree and grilled Jerusalem artichokes380 Kč

Children menu

Butter fried chicken schnitzel with french fries175 Kč
Tomato linguini with cheese155 Kč


Fried apple croquette with vanilla cream, apple ragout and salted caramel sauce225 CZK
Chocolate terrine with lime curd, white chocolate shavings and raspberry sauce225 CZK
Pistachio creme brulee with passion fruit sauce, white chocolate cream and peanut crumbs225 CZK
Selection of European cheeses with fruit mustard265 CZK


Served from 5p.m.



0,1 l Gauthier brut 2019



Smoked beef tongue with marinated beets, horseradish espuma, confit shallots and potato powder
0,1 Neuburské, Rodinné Vinařství Sedlák, Velkopavlovicko, Czech republic


Shrimp bisque with pepper mousse and shrimp and lobster ragout


Roast slice of foie gras on truffle blin with grilled rabbit kidneys, pear puree with Dijon mustard and cabbage
0,1 l C´est Pas La Mer a Boire Blanc IGP Gascogne, France



Roasted sea bass fillet, caramelized cauliflower puree, roasted Jerusalem artichokes and purple carrots
0,1 l Chardonnay Aligoté, Domaine Faiveley, Bourgogne, France



Chocolate wafer with caramel mascarpone with orange gel and hazelnut crumbs

0,05 Graham´s Port Ruby Reserve Six Grapes


Degustation menu: 1.250,- CZK / person
Wine pairing: 950,- CZK / person incl. Champagne

Valentine s day

Valentine s tasting menu 14. 2. 2022 from 17:00

We accept reservations by e-mail or by phone at +420 601 158 828

Valentine s tasting menu 14. 2. 2022


0.1 l Bouvet-Ladubay 1851 Rose

Amouse bouche


Terrine from the shells of St. Of St. James with pea cream, carrot tartare, silver onions in balsamic
0,1Neuburg, Sedlák Family Winery, Velkopavlovicko, Czech republic


Lobster cream with artichoke and sour cream and fried lobster roll


Vacuum breast baked in a vacuum with semolina gnocchi with beets, marinated chicory, roasted foie gras and truffles
0,1 Riesling Dry, Dr. Loosen Weingut, Mosel, Germany


Smoked halibut with dill macaroon stuffed with shrimp cream, fennel quiche and saffron espuma
0,1 Chardonnay Aligoté, Domaine Faiveley, Bourgogne, France


Veal tenderloin in beet dust with goat cheese croquette, potato ragout with leeks, parsnip chips and veal demi glaze
0,1 Chardonnay Aligoté, Domaine Faiveley, Bourgogne, France


Chocolate truffle cake in strawberry crust with raspberry sorbet, coffee meringue, strawberry cream and rose petals
0,05 Graham s Port Ruby Reserve Six Grapes


Menu price 1 550CZK
Wine pairing 950CZK incl. Welcome drink


Drinks menu

Sparkling wine

Prosecco, extra dry, Miazzi (0,1 l)125 CZK
Glass of Champagne (0,1 l)225 CZK
Kir Royal-Cassis de Bourdier, Champagne, France (0,1 l)255 CZK

White wine

Sauvignon Blanc, Vinařství Krásná Hora, Slovácko, Czech Republic (0,15 l)120 CZK
Neuburské, Rodinné Vinařství Sedlák, Velkopavlovicko, Czech republic (0,15 l)120 CZK
Riesling Dry, Dr. Loosen weingut, Mosel, Germany (0,15 l)140 CZK
Chardonnay Aligoté, Domaine Faiveley, Bourgogne, France (0,15 l)175 CZK

Rosé wine

Bardolino Chiaretto rosáto DOCG, Agricola Gorgo, Veneto, Italy (0,15 l)135 CZK

Red wine

Pinot, vinařství Krásná Hora, Slovácko, Czech Republic (0,15 l)135 CZK
Primitivo Lianto del salento, Tempo al vino, Puglia, Italy (0,15 l)140 CZK
Château Rival-Bellevue, Bordeaux Supérieur, France (0,15 l)145 CZK
Côtes du Rhône de Famille Rouge, Paul Jaboulet Ainé, Rhône, Francee (0,15 l)175 CZK

Sweet wine

C´est Pas La Mer a Boire Blanc IGP Gascogne, France145 CZK
Fleur de D´Artagnan Le Nectar, Côtes de Gascogne, France (0,1 l)165 CZK

Port wine

Graham´s Fine Ruby (0,05 l)110 CZK
Graham´s Fine Tawny (0,05 l)110 CZK
Graham´s Fine White (0,05 l)110 CZK
Kopke rosé (0,05 l)155 CZK
Graham´s 20 years old Tawny (0,05 l)225 CZK
Graham´s 40 years old Tawny (0,05 l)515 CZK
Pedro Ximénez 10 years old Sherry (0,05 l)160 CZK

Soft drinks

Ginger&Fred still water 0,75l65 CZK
Ginger&Fred sparkling water 0,75l65 CZK
Coca cola, Coca cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite 0,2l55 CZK
Tonic Kinley, Tonic Kinley Ginger 0,25l55 CZK
Cappy juice (orange, apple, strawberry, multivitamin, tomato) 0,2l55 CZK
Ice Tee ,,True Tea”45 CZK
Fresh orange / grapefruit juice95 CZK

Homemade lemonade

Raspberry 0,50 l85 CZK
Ginger 0,50 l85 CZK
Mango - Maracuja 0,50 l85 CZK
Dandelion - linden 0,50 l85 CZK


Ricard 2 cl55 CZK
Becherovka 4 cl65 CZK
Aperol 8 cl95 CZK
Jägermeister 4cl95 CZK
Martini (Dry, Bianco, Roso) 8 cl95 CZK
Campari 8 cl105 CZK
Dubonnet 10 cl115 CZK
Lillet 10 cl125 CZK
Crodino65 CZK


Russian Standart 85 CZK
Grey Goose130 CZK
Babička 135 CZK


Hendricks115 CZK
Opihr Oriental Spiced145 CZK
Gin Mare185 CZK


Cabrito Blanco98 CZK
Cabrito Reposado105 CZK


APEROL SPRITZ - Aperol, prosecco, soda, orange125 CZK
HUGO SPRITZ - Prosecco, elderberry syrup, soda125 CZK
GIN & TONIC - Gin, tonic, limeta125 CZK
COSMOPOLITAN COCKTAIL - Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice, lime juice155 CZK
LYNCHBURG LEMONADE - Jack Daniels, Sprite, lime juice155 CZK
MANHATTAN COCKTAIL- Bourbon, Martini rosso, Angostura175 CZK
VODKATINI COCKTAIL - vodka, Martini dry175 CZK
GINGER & FRED COCKTAIL - vodka, rose syrup, lime juice, soda185 CZK


Pilsner Urquell 0,3l55 CZK
Bernard dark 0,5l65 CZK
Apple Cider Kingswood 0,4l68 CZK
Birell nonalcoholic 0,33l55 CZK

Coffe & Tea

Ristretto69 CZK
Espresso69 CZK
Lungo69 CZK
Decafeinatto69 CZK
Capuccino79 CZK
Café au lait79 CZK
Double Espresso89 CZK
Ronnefeldt tea69 CZK
Fresh mint tea89 CZK
Fresh ginger tea89 CZK


We recommend making a reservation at least 7 days in advance. You can also book a table with a phone number: +420 221 984 160


3 hours parking free for our restaurant clients in underground garage Václavská.

Please note: a restaurant bill is required